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Web Storage Service for SMB

For small and medium business units.
BizHard enables people to manage their corporate files through
ubiquitous web storage.

Desktop based access to web storage with easy and powerful
features such as Guest folders for public sharing, Link Mail for
all make BizHard a true productivity tool for more efficient
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  • BizHard is ubiquitous online storage.

    Employees gain full control over their data to save, share, access,
    and backup all their files from one convenient central location called MyDisk.
    Accessible from anywhere, BizHard ensures that valuable data is
    always available when needed.

  • Share files of any size with anybody through BizHard.

    Collaborate with others through GroupDisk with files safely backed
    up to prevent data loss.
    Share large files with other businesses and partners through Guest
    folders or sending high-capacity Link Mails.

  • BizHard provides strong security to keep data safe.

    BizHard lets you control access to GroupDisks and Guest folders, and
    protects data loss caused by system crashes, drive failures and virus
    Store confidential files securely in strongly encrypted secure folders
    that block data leaks.