I am
CEO of ESTsoft,
Sangwon Chung.


Working in ESTsoft from 1999, I have experienced the golden age of the
internet in 2000 and the mobile era in 2010. During the time, ESTsoft
has become one of the most valuable software company in South
Korea. I learned a lot as the company grew and was responsible for
many important tasks. In 2016, I was honored to become the new CEO
of ESTsoft to lead the company.

As an engineer, I have learned how to work thoroughly. Later, I have
learned how to be decisive in planning business. In addition, I also
learned how to communicate with customers by marketing the services.
While experiencing many success and failure of business activities like
development, planning and marketing, one thing I realized is that follow-
ing the “basis” and “principle” is the most important thing to maintain the
achievements strong and steady.

Preparing to jump up, we will keep up the business by following the
“basis” and “principle” of ESTsoft. We will “create” a new market with the
technical skills and service know-hows and become the “role model” of
a happy company by caring our employees.

Thanks you!


Profile CEO of ESTsoft Corp.
Vice President of ZUM Internet
Director of ALTools Department of ESTsoft
Master of Business (Hanyang Univ.)
Bachelor of Mathematics (Seoul Univ.)