EST is an acronym for Emotional Science and Technology, and personifies our belief and corporate philosophy: science and technology exist for humankind and should serve to enhance our lives and bring us new wealth.

ESTsoft CI
Primary ESTsoft
Grid System ESTsoft

As a global software company, our vision at ESTsoft is to create innovative software that increases value and convenience for people world wide.

ESTsoft CI
Color System Black ESTsoft Black or use PANTONE 874 C
K100 / R0 G0 B0
Web Safe RGB #000000
  Blue ESTsoft Blue or use PANTONE 300 C
C100 M55 / R0 G108 B182
Web Safe RGB #006cb6
  Gray Gray or use PANTONE Cool Gray 8 c
C23 M16 Y13 K46/ R136 G139 B141
Web Safe RGB #88888D
  Gold Gold or use PANTONE 874 C
C30 M45 Y70 K10 / R163 G129 B88
Web Safe RGB #A38158
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