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Title ALSong v1.22 Adds More Convenience (Korean only)
Date 2008-04-25 Hit 6870
Seoul, South Korea - November 3rd, 2005 - ESTsoft today released the ALSong v1.22 upgrade for ALSong, the live music lyrics player for Windows.

The newest ALTools release adds in numerous conveniences for music listeners in the ALSong live music lyrics MP3 player program. Additional features range widely from Windows integration to run ALSong when Windows starts to RAR archive support to play music files contained in RAR files and fine control over audio buffer sizes for maximum performance.

New playlist and playback options let music lovers choose whether or not to add complete directory structures when adding folders to ALSong, set stereo balance, open the previous playlist, and set the open button to open music files, music folders, or online music and web radio stations.

Learning a new language is difficult enough, and now new keyboard shortcuts in the ALSong Language Learner make learning new languages easier with adjusting the speed faster or slower, pitch higher or lower, and setting loop points just a keypress away.

The live lyrics in ALSong have also received some loving care and now music enthusiasts can vote for lyrics that are accurate and well timed. Additionally, the desktop lyrics lyrics bar now gives lyrics lovers more control over how it looks and feels with left, right and center justification as well as full font and color control. With a single click in the ALSong lyrics window the desktop lyrics bar can be shown or hidden with a soft and graceful fade in and fade out.

ALSong is available for free at www.altools.co.kr along with the entire ALTools family of PC utilities: ALZip, ALShow, ALSong, ALSee, ALFTP, and ALPass. ALGIF and ALMap are available only in Korean. English and other language versions can be downloaded for free at www.altools.net.

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ESTsoft is a leading Korean application and solutions developer located in Seoul. ALTools are user friendly PC utilities for Windows and all are available for free for home users.


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