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Title ALToolbar v1.52 is available
Date 2010-02-17 Hit 13548
February 17, 2010 - Seoul - ESTsoft is pleased to announce the release of internet assistant ALToolbar v1.52.

[What's New for ALToolbar v1.52]

1) Added: Video Downloader to search all videos and download from a webpage
2) Added: Function added in Browser Manager (previouse "Internet Saver")- close all browsers except the selected one & Merge all opened browsers as tabs
3) Added: "Hide all other toolbars" function
4) Added: Function to add search engines in "Search"
5) Added: History of your search in Search Bar
6) Added: Auto loging out function when not used for a period
7) Changed: "Internet Saver" renamed as "Browser Manager"
8) Changed: "ALPass" renamed as "AutoLogin"
9) Changed: "Internet Cleaner" button displayed as "Cleaner"
10) Improved: Supports for Windows 7
11) Improved: Supports for Internet Explorer 8.0
12) Imporved: Better user interface

ALToolbar v1.52 can be downloaded at www.altools.com.

About ALTools Named 'AL' after the Korean word for "egg," ALTools are friendly PC utilities and multimedia programs that include ALZip, a cute compression utility; ALShow, a DVD and movie player; ALSong, an MP3 live music lyrics player; ALSee, a picture viewer and photo editor; ALPass, a secure web login and password manager; ALToolbar, a friendly web surfing helper; and ALFTP, a FTP client/server.

About ESTsoft Corp. ESTsoft is a leading Korean application developer located in Seoul, South Korea. Other ESTsoft products include InternetDISK, a web storage solution, BIZhard, a web storage solution for SMB and CABAL online, an MMORPG.