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Title ALSong v1.52 Adds Music Video Downloads and More
Date 2008-04-25 Hit 7410
Seoul, South Korea - June 8th, 2006 - The ALTools team at ESTsoft today released ALSong v1.52 for the Windows family of operating systems. ALSong is a live lyrics and online music MP3 player from ESTsoft.
Key upgrade areas include ALSong online music and video playback, live music lyrics, language learning tools, and web radio broadcasting. Upgraded features range from major improvements to simple tweaks that make the listening experience that much more enjoyable.
New in the ALSong skins is a button to display the online music lyrics window where users can now download their favorite music in MP3 format. Additionally, those that prefer their music to be more visual can download music videos to view later anytime. Downloadable MP3s and videos are clearly marked in the ALSong music window where users can click to download. Downloaders additionally get higher audio quality in all downloaded music and videos for a premium listening experience. Online music services are only available in the Korean version of ALSong.
For online and local music, ALSong's live music lyrics playback has been improved with the Desktop Lyrics Bar now sporting playback controls for convenient access as it transparently floats on top of the desktop. Play, pause, stop, as well as previous and next track buttons in the Desktop Lyrics Bar are plain and unobtrusive, yet still easily identifiable, keeping in the spirit of ALTools high level of user-friendliness and usability.
Additional usability has also been added to the ALSong Language Learner, making learning foreign languages just that much more pleasurable. The new playback controls include a complete set just as with the Desktop Lyrics Bar.
Web radio improvements include adding and editing favorite web radio stations. For Internet DJs, they can now opt to be included in the ALSong list of web radio broadcasters or not. With the addition of total listener numbers in the ALSong Web Radio list, users can see who the most popular broadcasters are and broadcasters can find out at a glance how many people are listening to them.
ALSong is a general purpose audio player with a strong emphasis on keeping the entertainment experience as clean and convenient as possible. Unique in ALSong users will find the ALSong playlist the fastest and easiest way to access and organize all their music. Playlists can later be turned into portable ALSong Albums that can be burned to CD or DVD or taken along in a USB flash drive.
ALSong is free for everyone and can be downloaded at www.altools.co.kr.
ALSong is available for free at www.altools.co.kr along with the entire ALTools family of PC utilities: ALZip, ALShow, ALSong, ALSee, ALFTP, and ALPass. ALGIF and ALMap are available only in Korean. English and other language versions can be downloaded for free at www.altools.net.
About ESTsoft
ESTsoft is a leading Korean application and solutions developer located in Seoul. ALTools are user friendly PC utilities for Windows and all are available for free for home users.


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