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Title ALPass Raises the Bar on Portability
Date 2008-04-25 Hit 6996
Seoul, South Korea - June 2nd, 2006 - The ALTools team at ESTsoft today released the new ALPass with secure online data storage, "ALPass Online", and USB drive portability. ALPass is a secure web login and password manager for the Windows family of operating systems.
The new ALPass v3.0 beta1 raises the bar on application portability by giving users the option to store their data securely online or to store it on any removeable storage device. These portability options liberate users from ever having to remember any logins, passwords or web addresses again as they automatically login to their favorite web sites.
Online secure storage through "ALPass Online" is accessible from any computer that has ALPass installed. With no data stored on the local computer, and all of it available online, users gain the ability to access all of their web sites from anywhere, such as at school, the library, office, Internet cafes and other public computers. Secure connections protect data in transit.
Online secure portability is only the beginning, and with the new ALPass removeable storage functionality, users can keep ALPass and their ALPass encrypted databases with them on any removeable storage device. Some examples of devices that ALPass works with include USB flash drives, digital cameras, SD cards, iPods, MP3 players, external hard drives, PMPs, and many others. In fact, ALPass works with literally any device that identifies itself in Windows as a removeable storage device.
Previously ALPass users needed to be at their own computers or move their ALPass database around through email or on disk in a cumbersome attempt to use the ALPass import/export functionality for portability, which it wasn't designed to do. These new portability options give ALPass users complete freedom to go anywhere and still easily access all their web sites.
ALPass is used by hundreds of thousands of people daily in all walks of life to keep their passwords safe and secure. Typical kinds of web sites that people use ALPass for include web based email logins, corporate intranets, online banking sites, online communities, forums, online shopping malls, and entertainment sites.
ALPass v3.0 beta1 is free for all uses, both commercial and personal, and is ideal for companies and organizations that wish to keep sensitive information safe and secure.
ALPass v3 is currently only available in Korean.
ALPass is available for free at www.altools.co.kr along with the entire ALTools family of PC utilities: ALZip, ALShow, ALSong, ALSee, ALFTP, and ALPass. ALGIF and ALMap are available only in Korean. English and other language versions can be downloaded for free at www.altools.net.
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ESTsoft is a leading Korean application and solutions developer located in Seoul. ALTools are user friendly PC utilities for Windows and all are available for free for home users.


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